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HEA985 - Deputy Director of Operations - Termoli Site
Pubblicato il 25-09-2021 - Momentive in Termoli

Position Summary:

The Site Ops Deputy Director is responsible to lead all the activities directly associated with the production effort, operational maintenance excellence, process efficiencies and CI programs to drive cost and variability reduction.
Work closely with the Site Management to ensure the appropriate support for the safe and efficient performance of work, enable compliance with applicable requirements, as well as defining technical direction.
Establish organizational objectives, goals and strategies as well as interpret organizational policies.
Determine how to use resources to meet objectives.
Coordinate efforts between production areas and other functions.

Network with other sites within PA OPS manufacturing grid to identify and implement best practices and processes that drive overall performance improvement.
Ensure safe and stable production operations, contribute to continuously improve EHS & Quality culture, productivity, costs in responsible areas through CI methodology and project execution.
Promotes employees engagement and initiatives aimed to evolve the company culture.

Job Description:

Tasks and responsibilities of the position:

Corporate offices:

The scope of the job and the nature of the tasks assigned to it are such that they can apply to fulfill corporate offices both within the Company and in other Group companies and / or subsidiaries and / or associates.

Environmental, Health and Safety

- Ensures compliance with all safety, health and environmental laws, codes and standards.
- Partnering with EH&S; professional staff in promoting safety culture fostering exposure reduction initiatives and implementing processes and procedures to ensure the safety and health of all employees working at the site.
- Aligns operations activities with Momentive’s core values of safety and environmental responsibility.
- Safety Manager (Dirigente per la sicurezza) (as stated in art.2 paragraph d of the d.Lgs. 81/2008) and must comply with legal obligations as stated in art.8 of the d.Lgs.81/2008 and s.m.i.

Human Resource Management

- Directs the activities of the entire production workforce.
- Establishes employee performance expectations and ensure that these expectations are met throughout areas of responsibility.
- Aligns site policies and practices with company policies, procedures and expectations.
- Willingness to step in and help, if necessary, to negotiate with works council in terms of Manufacturing related matters at site in conjunction with HR & Site Leaders.
- Partner with HR to develop talents and engage in their growth.


- Develops annual and multi-year budgets and plans targeting year-after-year performance improvement.
- Manages and measures cost performance, and takes corrective cost control action.
- Develops, leads and directs site productivity improvement programs and processes, implementing CI initiatives, to drive human and capital resource optimization.
- Ensures site compliance with all Sarbanes-Oxley regulatory requirements.
- Monitor all plant costs, and explain adjustments and variances.

Capital/Facilities and Process Improvement

- Play an active role contributing to process and equipment optimization, identifying opportunities for improvements aimed at the achievement of business objectives such as: improvement of safety and quality, reduction of environmental and energy impacts (ISO 45001, EMAS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001).
- Facilitate the implementation of the medium/long term strategy identified by the Process Manager in terms of process safety procedures, plant changes, optimization, debottlenecking, product portfolio, NPI, significant increases in plant capacity, etc.
- Provide guidance to Production Manager & Blending & Distribution Manager for developing and implementing the daily control of processes and production, monitoring production volumes, usages and quality in order to prevent and / or correct the deviations of processes and allow the achievement of the budget / program objectives.
- Manages site capital planning and spending to both reduce business and EH&S; risk, and improve cost and profitability.
- Foster the implementation of Operation Excellence program and CI (continuous improvement) initiatives across the site to reduce waste and variability.
- Ensure site maintenance is adequate and appropriate to support business reliability needs and to maximize unit up-time.
- Utilize most effective technology assessment to improve overall process capability, yield, and configuration.
- Insure that all the plant and process modifications are in line with the Management of Change procedure (18.4.1 process described in the Plant Manual).
- Liaise with all site functional teams, global engineering, PA process, R&D;, supply chain, sourcing, marketing and sales teams as well as customers for operations related activities

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

- Understand statistical tools to monitor in-process and finished goods quality, as well as work process improvement activities.
- Enable quality improvement efforts at the site, aligned with business and customer priorities.
- Focused on overall customer satisfaction of delivered products and services and ability to evaluate related impacts.
- As member of the Site Leadership Team, enhance all the initiatives part of the site's quality programs, sustaining improvements.
- Support the implementation of the Global Quality Strategy with the ultimate goal of achieving a customer centric quality program, mindset and culture.

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