Full-time Website Operation/seo/sem/new Media Operations/customer Service
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CASAITALIANA è una società internazionale, con il sede centrale a Peschiera Borromeo(MI), in più abbiamo altri 4 filiali in Cina, siamo la prima azienda nel settore di mobili e arredamenti di lusso per il mercato cinese. abbiamo accumulato più di 10 anni di esperienze nel settore.
Offriamo i seguenti posti di lavoro, gli interessati sono invitati a inviare il cv a (email hidden)
NO.1 Website Operation
Job responsibilities:
1, Responsible for the overall operation of the eurooo.com website;
2, Presided over the site promotion, activities, new media operations;
3, Analysis of the website data, for the actual situation of the target countries to develop operational strategies;
4, Temporary responsible for website products, brands, cases, news and other dynamic information upload work;
5, According to the superior instructions arranged to host the promotion activities;
6, The development of the website operation index, the annual development plan, promote and ensure the smooth completion of the index
Job requirements:
1, Bachelor degree or above, working experience in cross-border commodity platform is preferred;
2,Excellent team management and construction, excellent leadership, good communication and coordination ability and the ability to grasp the overall situation;
3, In the field of enterprise strategic planning has a profound theoretical knowledge and rich experience in operation;
4,Familiar with the cross-border direct purchase of goods industry trends and operational trends.
5,Have the keen market insight ability and the strain capacity, good customer communication ability and writing ability;
6,Mother tongue English or English communication skills to achieve their mother tongue level, the Chinese language level can be normal communication, there is a multinational language based priority.
NO.2 website SEO
Job responsibilities:
1, Responsible for the company's official website SEO, the key words ranking, the portal is responsible for;
2, Responsible for the operation of the search engine to the site's own traffic, improve the site in the rankings of the major search engines;
3, Responsible for monitoring the site keywords ranking changes, and to develop relevant strategies and programs to optimize the company's website, and enhance the site keywords ranking;
4, Responsible for the optimization means of promotion in the forum, classified information, professional portal, blog, podcast, micro-blog, video website and three party website, increase website traffic and visibility;
5, Responsible for the production of analysis report and put forward problems, to support the website rankings, traffic continues to rise.
Job requirements:
1, Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of SEM, SEO and network marketing experience;
2, Familiar with Google, YAHOO, yandex, Microsoft, NHN and other search engine optimization;
3, Skilled use of commonly used SEO tools, can develop excellent SEO program.
4, Can independently complete the station optimization program development, project implementation, tracking and continuous optimization.
5, On the Internet, technology, new media has a strong interest;
NO.3 website SEM
Job responsibilities:
1, Responsible for the company's website and the company's brand and business promotion; Google, YAHOO, yandex, Microsoft, Baidu, 360, Sogou, such as the promotion of key accounts;
2, To assist in the promotion of program writing, information publishing, website traffic statistics, advertising and mass mailing, etc.;
3, To assist SEO optimization, enhance the website user experience, establish the chain channels, improve website keywords ranking.
4, Responsible for the search engine search for the background management;
5, The use of Web site cooperation and other promotional methods, quickly improve the website ranking and click rate;
6, Looking for all kinds of resources, cooperation, business negotiation, and so on;
7, The collection of tracking and statistical data to promote the feedback, and constantly improve the promotion effect.
Job requirements:
1, Bachelor degree or above, major in electronic commerce, computer application technology, etc.;
2, More than 3 years of e-commerce, internet promotion experience;
3, More than 1 years of Google, yandex promotion experience;
4, Familiar with the network marketing channels, with the success of the operation of the case;
5, Good at statistics and analysis of data generalization, assess the promotion effect, constantly enhance the promotion of quality;
6, Good for all kinds of resources marketing needs, business cooperation and negotiation;
7, Chinese, English normal communication, multi language foundation is preferred.
NO.4 new media operations
Job responsibilities:
1, Responsible for the update and maintenance of the company's official social account, the establishment of effective marketing tools to enhance the active degree of fans, known brand of text tone (Tucao, news, etc.), quality and quantity, can be released on time. Tracking the promotion effect of each platform marketing tool, analysis of data, do a good job of experience summary. Increase the number of fans and fans of social accounts active degree.
2, Able to complete the Facebook, WeChat and other social platforms of the daily maintenance and operation, including the writing of the program, rose pink, interactive, public opinion monitoring, ensure that the amount of reading tweets have significantly improved; according to different market demand, brand planning related activities on the line. Focus on building the company's brand image, maintaining the viscosity and activity of fans, the social platform to the end user flow to the company's platform.
Job requirements:
1, Advertising, marketing, media, public relations. Experience in the promotion of Facebook, Twitter, micro-blog, WeChat, Internet Co working experience;
2, One to three years of relevant work experience;
3, With the official account of operation implementation experience, strong writing ability, strong sense of network; thorough understanding of Facebook, Twitter, micro-blog, WeChat forum, and methods of use, fast new media, with the promotion of ideas clearly;
4, Have good data analysis ability, sensitive to current affairs, have independent view.
NO.5 customer service and product specialist
Job responsibilities:
1, Answer 800 international customer service telephone, 400 China customer service phone;
2, View and reply to the web site message, online consulting, customer service;
3, Familiar with the company's business model and product knowledge;
4,To assist the website operators to update the product information.
Job requirements:
1, Chinese, English normal communication, Italian, Russian, Arabic, French, German and other language communication skills preferred;
2, Work carefully and patiently, strong learning ability;
3, More than 1 years of customer service experience;