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G785 Creative Couple - Art Director copywriter
Pubblicato il 10-07-2022 - Dentsu in Milano

We are looking for a Creative Couple of Art director and a Copywriter to be employed in our Milan office.

You can apply in pairs or as individuals, the important thing is that you are hungry for creativity.

Job Title:
Creative Couple - Art Director + copywriter

Job Description:

About Dentsu Creative

Part of Dentsu International, Dentsu Creative is a Global Creative Network that transforms brands and businesses through the power of Modern Creativity. Led by Global Chief Creative Officer Fred Levron, 9,000 experts across the globe work seamlessly together to deliver ideas that Create Culture, Shape Society and Invent the Future.

Dentsu Creative was launched in June 2022 to address a client need for simplicity and will be Dentsu International's sole creative network by the end of 2022.

We are looking for a Creative Couple of Art director and a Copywriter to be employed in our Milan office.

You can apply in pairs or as individuals, the important thing is that you are hungry for creativity.

Role Purpose

We could stop there, but that would not be enough. We are not just looking for a pair of art and copy, but two creatives who are not happy until they have closed the right idea, who are in love with crafting, who look for the possible solution in the strategy every time.
Waiting for them is a close-knit team always ready to lend a hand and clients who want to make beautiful things.

Key Accountabilities

Whether you are art or copy, here is a short list to see if you are the right person:

- a mine of ideas, whether big, small, or medium. It's not the size that matters, but the quality
- knowing how to hunt Lions (but also cones, pencils and other statuettes)
- ATL, BTL, social, digital, gaming, meta, crypto, NFT... if you know at least seven of these terms, you're on the right track. If you know them all, better. If you add another word, call us.
- ready to work with the Dentsu global network on international projects. Don't worry, we'll watch out for the time difference;
- find the right solutions, but above all ask the right questions. It sounds easy, but it's the hardest thing.

Person Specification

- 6/7 years of experience
- English wouldn't even make the list, but better to avoid misunderstandings, is it clear?

- Crafting, crafting, crafting. Oh, we forgot: also crafting.

If you believe you match these skills, please apply! We look forward to meeting you!

Working with us

Joining Dentsu Creative, you will be part of a creative network, delivering ideas that are brought alive in new ways. Along the way, you will team up with inspiring people across the world and become part of a truly inclusive culture where everyone is given the opportunity to thrive and create the best work of their careers; always learning and always listening to shape ideas, create culture and change behavior. By bringing together the capabilities, experience and relationships of our collective experts, the opportunities for personal growth and development are endless.

We are united by four signature strengths:

Boundless Creativity - Kitsune Fox: In Japanese culture - the Kitsune Fox sees the future. We run towards the future, forever asking: what's next? Our imagination has no limit. Our clients seek us out because we believe there is no problem we cannot solve with the power of modern creativity.

Intelligent Scale - Ryujin Dragon: The Ryujin Dragon controls the ocean and the tides. We flow the right talent around the right brief in the right moment, wherever it sits in the world. We scale our unique ideas with precision, using intelligent technology to make personal connections with millions around the world.

Obsessive Craft - Orizuru Crane: The Orizuru Crane carries the soul up to paradise. It inspires the most classic and iconic Japanese origami. We elevate the soul of our work with an obsessive focus on craft, nurturing the next-gen craft skills needed to soar in a modern world.

Radical Collaboration - Kohaku Koi: The Koi swim upstream against the tide, united as one. We chart new territory through the power of radical collaboration. We seamlessly connect Creativity, Media and CXM to imagine new solutions at the intersection of craft, data, culture, and innovation.

Our Values

We believe our work can only resonate in the modern world if the people behind it reflect the modern work. We can only be truly relevant when we create a truly inclusive culture where everyone can thrive. That means - we are tough on the work but gentle with each other. We lead with empathy and are always listening and always learning. We support each other, we cheer for each other, we win together. We celebrate difference as the only way to make the work that makes a difference.



Dentsu Creative

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Full time

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