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LCV EUCOM Italy: PBO - Senior Specialist, Property Management | C-184
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LCV EUCOM Italy: PBO - Senior Specialist, Property Management

PBO - Sr. Specialist, Property Management

At sites where practicable, the GPSC is responsible for establishing a department/function/program property coordinator/custodian system to support the GPSC. The department/function/program property coordinators/custodians have responsibility to oversee and manage the administration and physical control of Government/customer property within their respective departments under the guidance of the GPSC. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: Ensuring that functional procedures and processes, which clearly define roles and responsibilities, activities and measurement tools,

are in compliance with the requirements of the GPM and site appendix. Generating, coordinating, submitting for publication, and implementing revisions or changes to the site Government/customer property procedures/work instructions. Establishing and maintaining necessary control records, ensuring that the records are kept in such condition that at any stage of completion of work under a contract the status of all Government/customer property may be readily ascertained. Ensure appropriate storage facilities for Government/customer owned property are established as required by the GPM and site appendix. Coordinating property management matters with all affected departments, organizations, or groups. Supporting and participating in property reviews and audits as required Supporting the GPSC on all Government/customer property related matters. In addition the Property Specialist 3 will support the GPSC in achieving its assigned responsibilities to align site processes with the GPM’s objectives and requirements and the program, and to ensure the ability to manage Government/customer property at the site by contract, regardless of which organizational function has physical or administrative control of the property. The GPSC holds authority delegated from the site leader and ensures the responsibilities for Government/customer property are clearly defined, communicated, assigned, and executed. GPSCs typically lead a committee of representatives designated as Property Coordinators, who may be designated, from each department, function or program by agreement between the GPSC and appropriate management. GPSC responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: Act as the site's primary contact point with the AGPC organization. Ensure the site processes and procedures comply with contractual provisions, applicable regulations, and Honeywell requirements Maintain site “Adequate” property system rating and AGPC ""green"" designation. Implement industry leading practices (ILP), voluntary consensus standards (VCS), and standardized forms as defined by AGPC. Disclose any significant changes to the property management system to AGPC, GAM management, and their designated Government Property Administrator or customers prior to implementation. Coordinate and implement at their sites any Government/Customer Property Manual revisions or changes and ensure the site appendices are revised as necessary.Coordinate site property accountability process activities. Manage and oversee the administration and physical control of Government/customer property. When opportunities for improvement or system deficiencies are detected, ensure that CARS’s are issued to the responsible site functional groups through eCATS. Support and facilitate both Honeywell internal and customer external surveillances of the property system and perform property management system self-assessments in accordance with the designated business tools and Aerospace Property Management Metrics. Provide the site risk assessment results to AGPC by November 1st for input into the overall Aerospace Government Property Management risk assessment analysis for Corporate Compliance. Maintain supporting documentation. Annually, on or before November 1st of each year, provide to AGPC a current organization chart that accurately reflects the site's Property Management organization. Assist AGPC in the performance of solicitation or contract reviews, refer to GPM Section 13: Solicitation and Contract Reviews. Maintain the Aerospace contract list for contracts containing Government/customer property via the steps below: The contract list is a living document and is to be maintained by adding new contracts as they are established, performing ongoing general record maintenance and updating contract closeout date.The list shall be updated annually with current data (line items and dollar totals by classification) as of November 1st. All new hires shall complete the training entitled Basic Government Property Management available on the Government Property Library/Training website within 60 days of their appointment. BS/BA degree with 5 years of related experience. In lieu of formal education, 13 years of experience. Specific contract requirements regarding education and experience will prevail. NPMA CPPM Certification Level Desired.

LCV Augmentation Required Qualifications
1. Assigned augmented staff assigned to SSA activities operations will assume the SSA clerk role in GCSS-Army.
2. Augmented personnel will be able to operate the following systems:
a. Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE)
b. Logistics Modernization Program (LMP)
3. One augmented personnel will serve as operator to input information into Army War Reserve Deployment System (AWRDS )
4. USG will provide access to operating systems (i.e. GCSS-A PBUSE, SAMS-1E, RFID etc.) as well as computers and software necessary to perform the Government Automated Systems PWS.
a. USG will provide access to the Global Combat Support System (GCSS) – Army to include required user interface hardware (computer, monitor, etc.), software, Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet) and training (i.e. New Equipment Training (NET)).
b. Sustainment Training coordinated with USG.
5. All parts and bench stock primarily ordered through the federal supply system.
6. Augmentation staff will be provided with an ODC CLIN for commercial parts and supplies, not readily available in the FSS.
7. Approval of all requests, orders, requisitions submitted to GCSS-A or to 21st TSC HIPRI CELL will required USG review and approval within ZPARK/Release Strategy.
Command Supply Discipline Program
1. Staffing supports the SSA COR implementation of the Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP) and Army management controls.
2. Staffing provides all US Military supply management services, including receipt, storage, issue, and accountability.
3. Joint Supply Support will be directed by ACO through the COR.
4. Support all US Military Force and Black Sea AST units as directed by the ACO.
5. Maintain spill kits for issue to Black Sea AST units, activities, and organizations in support of the “You Spill, You Dig” USAREUR policy.
Class IX (Air) functions and transactions pertaining to operations performed:
1. Distribution of Class IX(A) supplies for direct support of customers:
- Ensure during customer pick up that all customers verify material, supplies and equipment correctly
- Ensure items match documentation prior to departing the SSA.
- After verification, customers must sign for all materials, supplies and equipment received at the SSA.
1) Existing discrepancies will be reported to the section head prior to customer leaving the SSA.
- Prompt, efficient, and friendly customer support provided.
2. Bulk material pick-up will picked up from bulk issue section prior to picking up items in the customer bin.
3. Augmented personnel must keep customer bins and yard issue areas clean and organized.
4. Augmented personnel must file all customer issue lists by DODAAC and date issued.
5. Augmented personnel will ensure customers are escorted to the issue / bulk issue areas.
6. Ensure copy of Signature Cards are maintained on file.
7. File all Transfer Orders and customer issue lists that are physically signed for one year.
8. Perform post goods issued to the customer bins.
- GCSS-A Transaction Print out customer issue list For goods receipt.
- GCSS-A Transaction Perform Post Goods Receipt for wave 1 customers.
- GCSS-A Transaction Ensure delivery/upload of upload bulk parts for customers.
9. Re-distribution of Class IX(A) supplies, generated after processing in GCSS-A customer turn-ins:
- Ensure the material is properly packed/crated/palletized.
- Create TCMD DD Form 1384 in CMOS and provide to BSAST Transportation 24hrs prior to shipment.
- Ensure shipment is marked for the appropriate destination and a copy of the TCMD is enclosed.

Must have or be able to obtain a Secret Clearance

Property Book Officer Team Chief/920A-CW2 or above

1. Must have a minimum of 8 Years of documented experience as a Property Book Officer
2. Must have a graduation certificate for GCSS-A Property Book Level course
3.Must be able to lead Property Book Office operations (receive, coordinate approval with the Accountable Officer, process, and maintain documents for audits purposes)
4. Be able to assist the Accountable Officer to brief deployed Company Commanders, and their teams on property accountability responsibilities

NAC-I Required

In compliance with the U.S. federal government’s vaccine mandate, only candidates who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or have a reasonable accommodation or approved medical exception will be considered for this position.

KBR is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, veteran status, genetic information, union status and/or beliefs, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.