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GXM07 - Sales Assistant Cc Grand'Affi (Vr)
Pubblicato il 29-10-2022 - Claire’S in Verona

We’re a global brand powerhouse for self-expression for girls and women of all ages. We are dedicated to making this happen through our products, experiences and most importantly, our people.
A Message from CEO, Ryan Vero:
Our mission of being a brand powerhouse for self-expression starts with us. We’re proud to say that 45% of our top executive team is female, and 55% of our global population, vice president and above, is female or diverse. By fully embracing the diversity of our global workforce, we inspire innovation and create better experiences for our people and our consumers.

Do work that inspires.
We’re passionate about our purpose. We bring joy by opening the door to self-discovery. Every day,

we get to encourage and celebrate self-expression with each accessory choice and piercing decision we help our customers make. We think that today – more than ever – encouraging others to freely express their many sides is a pretty great thing to be a part of.

Play as a team.
We support each other and strive to make personal connections. Because treating each other with respect helps us achieve our individual and common goals. Encouraging our team members to forge their own way is key to what makes us stronger and more innovative as an organization.

Be true to you.
The real you is inspirational, and that’s who we want you to be at Claire’s. We want you to #bethemost - the most you. When you feel free to show up as the real you, it encourages others to do the same. You make a difference just by being who you are. Every day, we have the opportunity together to promote an inclusive and diverse culture that makes us all richer.

Evolve yourself.
We want you to be the most you possible. But just as our styles evolve, so do we. That’s why we encourage you to keep growing, changing and reinventing yourself. Helping you grow and achieve your aspirations is important to us. We are proud of our many employees who have moved across and through the organization, taking on new opportunities and inspiring us all to dream and achieve.

Claire's Values
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