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(UQJ535) Material Buyer
Pubblicato il 30-10-2022 - Tecnimont in Lazio

To carry out allthe purchasing activities, according to the indications and guidelines ofPurchasing Coordinator / Head of Supply Market Management, such as:
preparation ofbidder lists;
float of inquiries;
issue of preliminary Commercial Bid Evaluation (after bid receipt);
issue of Bid History report to Project Team (after bid receipt);
economical and contractual negotiations;
in accordance with the relevant Purchasing Group Leader and the Head of Supply Market Management, issue of Commercial bid Evaluation to the Project Team;
cooperate with Project Teams in highlighting main reasons of eventual extra budgets and proposing mitigation actions;
issue of Purchase Orders and following Amendments;

expediting of Purchase Order acceptance by Vendors;

To support andcooperate with the Project Procurement Manager / Coordinator during thedevelopment of the supplies in case of any commercial problem with Vendors(such as claims, change order request, Liquidated Damages discussion, etc.)
Duringproposal phase, if required, to support, in coordination with relevantPurchasing Group Leader, the ProcurementTeam (under the lead of Project Procurement Director) and the Proposal team formarket investigation and inquiry, commercial and contractual negotiations withkey suppliers for early selection of manufacturers / suppliers for criticalitems in accordance with the overall proposal strategy defined by ProposalManager
Degree or Diploma in engineering or tecnical discipline
Fluency in English
Work experience: at least 3 years gained in engineering Companies
Knowledge of the workflow of an international Company

Fully paid up Company share capital € 19.920.679,32 - Tax Code, VAT number and Rome Company register number: 07673571001
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